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ALL material here is completely ORIGINAL AND CUSTOMIZED  music or sound generated by and is under copyright protection.  NO generic material or copied sound pieces or other non-original material is to be found on this page.  All samples here are a re-mix or partial mix of a complete work.  For finished full versions of songs by STEPHEN, please visit the BANDCAMP site here:      StephenArts Bandcamp.
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New Releases:

updated 11/25/22


SlumberTrain is a musical piece that actually accompanies an original piece of art, sample of which is to the left.  The artwork by the same name is in the main Art Gallery.  This would be my first time creating a dual piece of art this way.  The art came first, and inspired the music.  You can get the full original on the Bandcamp Site.  Enjoy!

Previously Released


In Hazel you get 2 songs for the price of 1.  Two equally mixed vibes vie for attention, very much like Flannery O’Connor’s character, Hazel Motes.  You can get the full song HERE on Bandcamp.


Ethereal mixed guitars.  Meditation and relaxing music.  Very Pink Floydish influence.

This is a small sample of the full song on Bandcamp.  Get the full version here: Portage

Bingo on Wednesdays

a sample of the song on Bandcamp.  To check out the full giggdy-gig go to this LINK: Bingo on Wednesdays


Fast N Furious

Jazz fusion style.
Best Friend 
A tribute song to Teddy, my Golden Retriever who died Nov. 30th, 2020.
Feature: The Love Song
released orig. 09/22/20 copyright

also on Bandcamp Page:


Jazz infused meditation and digital suspensions – laced with elec. guitar and the Ebow.

Mello 01

An exploration of 3 woven piano sounds – a part of Soundscapes.

A Blues Workout

a copywritten backtrack from Youtube – but with original solo work on the top, like icing….

StephenJazz and Fusion: Your parent’s music, but on steroids.

Guitar Rock:  Song Dynamics

ElectroPop: Resistors, circuits, patches, dancing electrons.